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Junior Bible Quiz Team Registration

September 4th - April 30th, 2019


Join us for the 2018-19 Junior Bible Quiz season as we help kids hide the Word of God in their hearts for a lifetime!

Costs of Registration

First Team: $55
Each Additional Team: $40
Late Team Registrations: Additional $10

Season Schedule

Meet 1: September 29th - East Side: TBD; West Side: TBD
Meet 2: November 10th - East Side: TBD; West Side: TBD
Meet 3: January 12th - East Side: TBD; West Side: TBD
State Meet: March 9th - Location: Sioux Falls First
Regional Meet (Invite Only): May 3rd-4th - Farmington, MN

Each team is required to provide two officials per team for each meet. Please notify the meet coordinator in advance of the name and desired position. We encourage you to create enough teams to allow the maximum quizzing time for each participant.