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Teen Bible Quiz Team Registration

September 4th - April 30th, 2019


Join us for the 2018-19 Teen Bible Quiz season as we help students hide the Word of God in their hearts for a lifetime!

Costs of Registration

$18/Student Quizzer
No Team Fee

Season Schedule

Meet 1: September 15th - Rapid City
Meet 2: October 20th - Sioux Falls
Meet 3: December 1st - Rapid City
Meet 4: February 9th - Sioux Falls
Optional: March 1 & 2: Missouri Classic - Springfield, MO
District Finals: April 6th - Rapid City
Regional Meet (Invite Only): TBA


Engage students in the Word of God
Encourage teamwork, responsibility, and sportsmanship
Build lasting relationships with God, teammates, and quizzers from other teams


A registration fee of $18 per quizzer will be required from all South Dakota District churches. This fee is for the purchase and printing of official league questions and state awards. Registration forms and fees will be due on or before the date of the first league quiz meet.

A church registering for TBQ in the South Dakota League for the first time will not be required to pay any registration fees to the district for the first year. Every year following, regular registration rates will apply.

We welcome all teams to join us for our regular league meets. Teams not registered with the South Dakota District will be required to pay a $7 registration fee per quizzer per meet. Teams quizzing must not have already quizzed with the official league meet questions in their own district and must not use the questions in an upcoming league meet in their own district.

Quizzing Structure

As a courtesy to the host church, we ask that all teams joining us submit their rosters and officials to the host coach at least two weeks prior to the quiz meet.
In order to fully engage and encourage all students participating in TBQ, no substitutes are to be rostered for league meet teams. Instead, we encourage dividing larger teams into two smaller teams or combining students from multiple churches into one team. This generates greater quality and quantity of quizzing. The coach of the host team has the final authority over the rostered teams and reserves the right to make changes for the purpose of accommodating the amount of quiz rooms used and number of officials available.
All quizzing should be conducted in an encouraging and Christ-like manner in order to thrive in our vision statements. For this reason, we do not allow frivolous contesting or contesting to take points away from the other team in our league matches. Instead, we trust our officials to make competent rulings using their best judgements.

All teams participate in Rapid Fire, a South Dakota tradition. A team works together to answer as many 10 point basic questions as they can in a predetermined amount of time. Only correct answers are counted and there is no penalty for incorrect responses. No buzzers are used.